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Where the depraved Gather

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i need to be punished Feb. 17th, 2017 @ 02:04 pm
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

(Taboo) Smut/Hentai RP with story (18+) Feb. 11th, 2017 @ 01:20 am
Name: Call me Tiger, or if you know a cute nickname!
Age: In my late 20s, time goes so fast!
Gender: Guy
About me: I'm the creative type, who loves to write fiction in my free time. And sometimes... I do like a 'spicy' roleplay. ;) And I'm dying to have an unforgettable experience again!

First of all, I will ONLY accept female partners.


Type of RP: Smut(taboo, in this case!^o^), so that means 18+ content. Anime-style, or realworld-ish.
Story or smut-driven? Depends on what you like. I like plenty of smut, myself.
Fandoms? I prefer original, but I will consider Mass Effect or Star Wars. Maybe Pokemon? :D
Roles: I can play as a guy in a MxF pairing, but if desired by you, would be willing to do a FxF (lesbian/yuri) pairing. I have done some in the past. If so, mind you that I then do like to play as a tomboy. But you may convince me otherwise! lol I do like trying out new things.
Position? Switch, sub, dom. I can do all, but I tend to switch around, leaning toward dom.
Kinks? Most stuff, taboo, soft, hard, you name it. Just no furries, scat, gore, necromancy, etc.

Platform: E-mail only @ jameskhouston1987@gmail.com

I had PLOTS that I have thought of, but I would also love to hear yours. We can tweak them so to suit our taboo-needs:

1. A couple are out and about, sightseeing, traveling the landscape, in their brand new car. Their love blossoms into a dirty, messy love making in and outside of the car, and at whatever public place they visit. But someone, who is at odds with the couple, follows and stalks, and potentially lethal confrontation may be just around the corner.

2. A 24-year old former gangster (yakuza, maybe? Italian mob?) steps out of his former life, to look for where real love is to be found. He meets a young woman, gets acquainted, and before long, they fall madly in love. But his former gangster buddies haven't forgotten his betrayal, endangering not only him, but even her safety becomes a question mark.

3. Anything you had in mind?

1. Two girls deal with each their own parents, who insist that they must find a male marriage partner, in order to become a good wife. The two confide in one another, giving support, then testing the waters of lesbian intimacy. But their parents eventually find out about the matter, and all hell breaks loose.

2. Anything else you had in mind?

Email play only Jul. 27th, 2014 @ 08:38 am
Hello Ladies,

I am an experienced male roleplayer who is interested in a variety of taboo kinks, but nothing too extreme. Common themes in my scenes include ageplay, incest, D/s, light bondage, and anal play. I also have experience playing in a number of different kinds of roles such as shotacon and yiffs/anthros.

I am currently only seeking plays through email (or LJ mail, or F-List notes if you prefer anonymity) as it allows for greater flexibility between responses for both parties involved. If you are interested, please comment on this entry so that we can chat about setting something up. Comments are screened for your privacy.

Again, ladies only as the player is straight. I look forward to all replies.

Jul. 7th, 2014 @ 02:26 am
Hi ! ;3

I'm a boy, and I am looking for a female, to RP with in a taboo smut/hentai setting. I'm open to pretty much anything, taboo preferably, so get a hold of me at:

AIM: naughtykitteh87
YAHOO: naughtykitteh87

Lesbian Canon play Jun. 11th, 2014 @ 02:54 am
Name: Rache
LJ: sparkled_pink
Email: Private Message me for it
Timezone: Eastern
Age: 27

I am wanting to do a fun sexy f/f play if anyone is interested. But I am open to plotting on a more in depth level as well.

Hello! Seeking only Fandom-based role-plays, via e-mail is best due to my schedule and it is easier to keep track of. Open to AUs and Crossovers and even Originals based around a fandom.. (For example: An original mutant created by you that is based around X-Men)

Current Pairings I'd love to do at the moment(The characters I prefer to play are in bold but these are just options..I'm open to playing any female role)

Poison Ivy/Harley Quinn and/or Catwoman

Hercules (Disney)

Game of Thrones
Daenerys Targaryen/Daario Naharis

Daenerys Targaryen/Missandei

Anyone/Tyrion Lannister

Cersei Lannister/Anyone

Mystique/Jean Grey


Mystique/Emma Frost


Here's a link to my fandom list and a list of my favorite characters I love to play as or interact with:
Fandom List

Smut: Yes as long as it fits in with the plot, I don't want it to feel like a cheesy porno, I like to build up foreplay and sexual tension.. I love opposites attracting. Taboo plots etc. Also I only work with players over the age of 18.

Contact me for further details or if you request any of my RP samples. ;) Have a good day!
Other entries
» (No Subject)
i need someone to use me! im literally open to anything. please message me on aim xoxofayeme
i will do any scene about any thing! i love being humiliated in any and every way
» (No Subject)
I need a fucking articulate size queen to help pull this fat, beer can dick out of my little briefs. Can one of you help me? Here are photos for you ladies who love really fat dicks.




If any of you cock loving sluts are interested, feel free to message me at the following

AIM - Bigboy3256x
MSN - bigboy3256x@hotmail.com
Yahoo - Bigboy3256x
Skype - bigboy3256x

I would love to return the favor and make you cream your little panties, making cum pool inside the fabric, staining your ass and pussy. Can't wait to hear from you. Also read my journal if you love reading filthy stories.
» (No Subject)
i'm a young bi girl interested in being a slave to someone. i'm willing to do anything. i enjoy being tied up, gagged, slapped, collars. forced to do things i might not want. i like any hole and i enjoy being humiliated. i love group situations. incest. anything really dirty.
aim me: xoxofayeme
or message me for other details
» I need a daddy
I need a daddy to make me feel good when I do as told and punish me when I'm bad. I want a gentle, loving daddy who wants to go slow and teach me how to be daddy's special girl. We can play horsey and I can be tickled and kissed and touched until daddy thinks I'm ready for more. I have lots of cute outfits, knee socks and panties I'm sure my daddy would like. I'm petite, pretty and giggly. I also want my daddy to encourage my thumb sucking.
I'm in my twenties and want my daddy to be in their 20s to 35. I'm kind of picky and looking for someone attractive since I take good care of myself physically. Message me if you like what you hear
» Still Looking
"I'v really never roleplayed before but am interested in trying it out. I am looking for a daddy or mother or dom or anything else. I am 18 would prefer them to be older, I am up for anything and still learning my limits. Message me on here if interested and we can exchange emails or kiks." I posted this earlier, for those who are wondering if I am still looking, as I have gotten a couple messages about it, I want you to know that I am still interested in maybe trying with some more people so feel free to message me :) thanks.
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